Company Profile

Future Horizons

 Since its establishment in 1999 as a Kuwaiti company specialized in development and implementation of information systems and consultancy services, Future Horizons has sought to establish confidence in our ability to develop integrated solutions and keep abreast of all new information technology aspects. 


Through our experience we built hundreds of software solutions including desktop applications, web applications, and mobile devices applications. It also aimed to support the Arabic language by providing administrative and financial applications for computers and mobile devices based on Arabic language in addition to English language.  Here are some of our numbers that tells about our marketing share:

  • More than 70% of Kuwait's daily newspapers are distributed through our programs.
  • More than 350 customers in the Kuwaiti market.
  • More than 25 programs covering different sectors.
  • More than 16 years in the Kuwaiti market.
  • More than 5 well-known audit firms that support our programs.


Bayan Systems

Bayan Systems


Bayan Systems is the official name for the systems that we have developed and implement for over than 350 customers in Kuwait. Bayan Systems include the following software programs:

  • Bayan for Financial Accounting.
  • Bayan for Inventory Control and Purchasing.
  • Bayan for Point of Sales.
  • Bayan for Human Resources.
  • Bayan for Real Estate.
  • Bayan for Fixed Assets (Using the Technology of RFID).
  • Bayan for Cheques Printing.
  • Bayan for Small Scale Business Invoices.
  • Bayan for Publication Distribution and Subscriptions.
  • Bayan for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Bayan for Insurance by Commission Offices.
  • Bayan for Recruitment.
  • Bayan for Transportation.
  • Bayan for Ladies Salon Management.
  • Bayan for Clinics Management.


Bayan GL system

Bayan GL system

Bayan General Ledger management system has the following features:

  • Bilingual interface depending on user choice.
  • Supports separate ledgers for up to 99 companies. 
  • Estimated ledger for each account and gives alarm when limit exceed.
  • Cost centers usage, and posting the transactions to these cost centers. 
  • Automatic year end closing, and automatic balance transfer to the new financial years.
  • Complete system for the Assets and their grouping, automatic initiation for the assets depreciation voucher.
  • Many Reports to cover all the needed requirements:
    • Printing vouchers and daily transactions.
    • Account statement (user select a specific cost center), and can append transactions from previous financial years.
    • Trial balance (user select a specific cost center).
    • Trading report.
    • Profit/Loss report for certain date.
    • Profit/Loss report for a period, and it can be compared with another period even it is from a previous financial year. 
    • General ledger report at certain date.
    • General ledger report for a period and it can be compared with another period even it is from a previous financial year. 
    • Cost center trial balance to show its profit/loss .
    • Age analysis report.
    • Shares current evaluation.
    • Cash flow (Incomes / Payments)


Bayan HR system

Bayan HR system


Bayan Human Resources management system has the following features:

  • Compatible with all Kuwaiti governmental requirements.
  • Bilingual interface depending on user choice.
  • Supports multiple sponsors, companies and licenses.
  • Automatic and continuous reminders for the expiration of passports, residences, licenses, ads, and also private contracts.
  • Categorizes employees according to leaves values, end of services, and positions.
  • Calculates each employee leave balance depending on category, and leave values.
  • Tracing monthly bonus and deductions for each employee.
  • Tracing loans and installments (direct deduction from the salaries or cash).
  • A lot of reports to cover all the needed requirements:
    • Calculating vacation balance, End of service value for an employee at specific date.
    • Printing the national forms for the employees and company
    • Printing needed Certificates like the salary, To whom. , Bank …
    • Detailed reports for the leave vacations.
    • Detailed reports for loans.
    • Printing many forms of the pay slip 
    • Hiring and end of service processes during a period.


Bayan Inventory system

Bayan Inventory system


Bayan Inventory management system has the following features:

  • All elementary data can be identified in the system such as: warehouses, suppliers, products….
  • All elementary data detailed arguments are saved, such as: code, name, sale prices, cost, barcode…
  • Data collectors can be used to enter the initial balances.
  • All transaction vouchers are available such as: Transfers, Purchases, Sales, Work orders …
  • Important queries are available such as: item card, cost and sale prices, quotation , purchase, Invoices, items sales with profit …
  • Over than 150 reports
  • The system allows to work with expiry date or without, it allows also to let the cost is the same as sale price for services companies.
  • The system supports saving many serials of each item.
  • The system is bilingual and depends on SQL Server database.
  • Multi-user ready.
  • Branched and detailed system to define the user authorities.


Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services


As we are expert in the information technology field, we offer you our support and consultancy in all IT activities and needs such as:

  • New Software development and implementation.
  • Training services: for any software or hardware uses.
  • Systems integration: if you need to integrate different systems with different technologies or database types.
  • Staffing: supply your company the needed professionals with the appropriate skills and experience.
  • Websites designing, development, or administration.
  • Social media management.


Websites and e-Commerce solutions

Websites and e-Commerce solutions


We build websites according to client requirements and usually we standardized our developed sites with the following:

  • Secure web sites with the updated security tools that protect your website and your visitors against any from: Stolen data, Phishing schemes, Session hijacking, Malicious redirects, SEO Spam
  • Attractive design with responsive features according to client selection.
  • Programming all payment methods as per client request (K-net, Visa, Master, American Express, Pay pal, cash on delivery, direct bank transfer)
  • Multi-languages for web site with translation features.
  • Connect website to social media (twitter, face book, Instagram, LinkedIn, Y-tube).
  • Control Panel for website administration.
  • All kinds of reports needed.
  • Develop websites with different programming languages native and content managed.


Mobile Applications

Mobile applications

  • Share your ideas about your dream mobile application with our experts, and we’ll realize it with more than your expectations.
  • We build mobile applications for all platforms (iOS, android, Microsoft), and all available mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, android mobiles, android tablets, …).
  • We use all available techniques for development and all programming languages (Objective-C, Swift, Java code, cross-platforms, ...).
  • Connect your mobile applications to your back-office systems and databases with new webservices.
  • Use all mobile devices features to serve your business (location identification, address book, messages, …)
  • Keep connected to your clients, partners, employees, suppliers through your application features and notifications.
  • Manage loyalty programs and CRM for your clients.