Static and Dynamic Web site Design and Development

Dynamic Web sites
This is the type of sites More sites developed from fixed locations where permitted change, add, or delete any information or pictures of its pages and tables quite easily by the site owner or administrator with him at any time and any number of times without reference to the website designer or company that the design.
Is inserted and show information, spreadsheets and images in Web pages through dynamic large databases allow the addition and continuous updating of pages but this dubbed dynamic websites.
The owner of the site or responsible for the administration update location data through the Control Panel always locked with a password known only to administer the site administrator.
In this type of sites are: -
• Create Graphic to take into account the site add a touch of aesthetic and technical overview of the site with the use (Flash) or (Silverlight).
• Create design (Lay Out) of the site based on the latest web design techniques so as to move the location of the center to a professional web
(Professional web sites)
• Create databases of the site are taken into account in the design of databases that include all of the data and information contained in the current location.
• Create a system to manage the contents (Content Management System) site in order to facilitate the process of entering and updating data to the site.
• Publishing Web site.
• The data entry site either by the company or by the owner of the site through the control panel.

Web Sites e-commerce :
It is of course more websites sophisticated and the most important in commercial terms, and is the e-commerce sites as stores and companies working on the sale of its products and services through the Web and the Internet using the methods of payment eBooks across the network and then plug your product or service then the buyer is in place and the idea of e-commerce sites in terms of scientific create dynamic Web site contains a catalog mail or pages explaining the products or services offered by the owner of the site with allowing the browser to choose what he wants them to buy and pay for it using the cards to send or ship the products or services required for the client buyer in place.