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Program design and financial companies officinalis

The company operates in the field of software design and knead using the latest technological methods used in, and our considerable experience in the field of software design and inventory accounting and personnel administration and that of large companies and small and medium-sized The company also welcomes the design of any other programs that meet the needs of other business segments, as well as modify the software available to us, commensurate with the needs of current and future businesses.

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Maintenance of networks and devices and surveillance cameras

There are several related business specialization or specialties of computer, networking and maintenance, they include computer maintenance, and computer networks as follows

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Management Consulting

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of the problems and develop plans to improve the existing regulatory. Provide our management consulting companies also help in the management of organizational change, and develop the skills, training, and technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement of services.

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Other Services

Static and Dynamic Web site Design and Development

Dynamic Web sites This is the type of sites More sites developed from fixed locations where permitted change, add, or delete any information or pictures of its pages and tables quite easily by the site owner or administrator with him at any time and any number of times without reference to the website designer or company that the design. Is inserted and show information, spreadsheets and images in Web pages through dynamic large databases allow the addition and continuous updating of pages but this dubbed dynamic websites.

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