About Us

1 – About Bayan Systems : -
K.G.T Center for Programming and Analysis Computer (Bayan Systems) since its inception in 1999 as a Kuwaiti company specializing in the production and manufacturing information systems, accessories and training in addition to providing consulting services, to establish confidence in our ability to post the first world in the technology industry and not only imported It also aimed to support the Arabic language through the provision of administrative and financial applications for computers based on the Arabic language as well as English language in that one.

2 - Figures are talking about us: -
• More than 70% of the daily newspapers in the State of Kuwait are distributed through our programs.
• more than 220 customers in the Kuwaiti market.
• more than 25 programs covering different sectors.
• more than 12 years in the Kuwaiti market.
• More than 5 known audit offices based programs.